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"Uriah Heep" - ... Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble (1970)   E-mail

Uriah Heep
... Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

SNC Records
ME 1995-6

1. Gypsy (Box / Byron)
Leading track of the album, featuring a wild organ solo
and multi-tracked vocal harmonies.
2. Walking In Your Shadow (Newton / Byron)
Another nifty all-guitar number, featuring a guitar solo from Mick.

3. Come Away Melinda (Hellerman / Minkoff)
A feature for the softer side of David's voice. Basically a conversation
between a father and his young daughter whose mother has died in the war.

4. Lucy Blues (Box / Byron)
Still in melancholy mood after Melinda, we have a slow blues hardly
unpredictable but rather pleasant.
5. Dreammare (Newton)
After a build up beginning Dreammare takes us through dream and
nightmare sequences with some fine drumming from Ollie.
6. Real Turned On (Box / Byron / Newton)
A funky mid-tempo all guitar shuffle, first solo from Ken
and second from Mick.
7. I'll Keep On Trying (Box / Byron)
Back to the organ for a Gypsy type heavy arrangement with a frightening
wah-wah solo from Mick.
8. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (Box / Byron)
Lyrically Wake up couldn't be anywhere else but at the end. A song
that takes us as closely as possible from the beginning to the end of a
battle, and then back to the beginning, but differently.

DAVID BYRON: Lead Vocals
KEN HENSLEY: Organ, Slide Guitar, Mellotron, Piano & Vocals
MICK BOX: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
PAUL NEWTON: Bass Guitar, Vocals
OLLIE OLSSON: Drums, Percussion
(Drums all tracks excepting "Dreammare" and "Lucy Blues")
COLIN WOOD (Keyboard on "Melinda" and "Wake Up")

Castle Communications.

(P) 1970 Bronze Records Ltd.
(P)(C) SNC Records


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