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"Black Sabbath" - Heaven And Hell (1980, 1995) Отправить на E-mail

     Black Sabbath
     Heaven And Hell

                        830 171-1

 1. Neon Knights
 2. Children Of The Sea
 3. Lady Evil
 4. Heaven and Hell
 5. Wishing Well
 6. Die Young
 7. Walk Away
 8. Lonely Is the Word

Ronnie James Dio - vocals;
Tony Iommi - guitars;
Geoff Nicholls - keyboards;
Geezer Butler - bass;
Bill Ward - drums.

Music written and arranged by Buttler, Dio, Iommi, Ward.
Lyrics by Ronnie James Dio.


(P) 1980 Phonogram
(P) 1995 PolyGram


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