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Sting - The Soul Cages (1991) Отправить на E-mail

     The Soul Cages

                        Акционерное общество "Ладъ"

 1. Island Of Souls
 2. All This Time
 3. Mad About You
 4. Why Should I Cry For You?
 5. Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
 6. The Wild Wild Sea
 7. The Soul Cages
 8. When The Angels Fall

Produced by Hugh Padgham/Sting

Manu Katche: Drums
Kenny Kirkland: Keyboards
Dominic Miller: Guitars
Bran ford Marsalis: Saxophone
Kalhryn Tickell: Northumbrian Pipes
Paola Paparelle: Oboe
David Sancious: Keyboards
Ray Cooper, Vinx, Hill Summers, Munyungo Jackson, Skip Rurney and Tony Vacca: Percussion

Sting: Vocals, Bass, Synclavier, Mandolin

Branford Marsalis appears courtesy of Columbia Records
Vinx appears courtesy of Pangaea Records

These songs were recorded at Studio Guillaume Tell in Paris and
at Villa Salviati, Migliarino, Italy in Le Voyageur II.
They were mixed at The Town House in London and
at A&M Studios in Los Angeles.

Manufactured under license of POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL MUSIC B.V., Baarn.

(Р) 1991 A&M Records, Inc.


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