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James, Rick - Glow (1985)   E-mail

Rick James

Motown Record Corp.
Made in USA

1. Can't Stop
2. Spend The Night With Me
3. Melody Make Me Dance
4. Somebody (The Girl's Got)
5. Glow
6. Moon Child
7. Sha La La La La (Come Back Home)
8. Rock And Roll Control
9. Glow (Reprise)

Produced, Written & Arranged By Rick James

Rick James: Bass, Giutar, Keyboards, Congas, Timbale Solo and Classical String Ensemble on "Glow", Harmonica, Vocorder
Levi Ruffin Jr.: Synthesizers, Strings
Daniel Le Melle: Synthesizers, Saxophone, Saxophone Solos, Flute
Tom McMelle: Giutars, Slide Giutar
La Morris "Fein" Dayne: Trumpet Solo on "Glow"
Nate "Guido" Hughes: Percussion
Greg "Jabba" Levias: Piano, Synthesizers
Kenny Hawkins: Lead Giutar
Jerry "Professor" Livingston: Bass
Steve "Smile" Ferrone: Drums

(C) Motown Record Corporation, 1985


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