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"Slade" - Rogues Gallery (1985) Отправить на E-mail

     Rogues Gallery

                        П94 RAT 30895
 1. Hey Ho Wish You Well (Holder/Lea)
 2. Little Sheila (Holder/Lea)
 3. Harmony (Holder/Lea)
 4. Myzsterious Mizster Jones (Holder/Lea)
 5. Walking On Water, Running On Alcohol (Holder/Lea)
 6. 7 Year Bitch (Holder/Lea) UK
 7. I'll Be There (Holder/Lea)
 8. I Win, You Lose (Holder/Lea)
 9. Time To Rock (Holder/Lea)
10. All Join Hands (Holder/Lea)

Dave Hill, Don Powell, Noddy Holder, Jim Lea.


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