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"Uriah Heep" - Abominog (1982, 1993) Отправить на E-mail

     Uriah Heep

                        SNC Records
                        ME 2015-6

 1. Too Scared To Run
 2. Chasing Shadows
 3. On The Rebound

 4. Hot Night In A Cold Town
 5. Running All Night (With The Lion)
 6. That's The Way That It Is
 7. Prisoner
 8. Hot Persuasion
 9. Sell Your Soul
10. Think It Over


Peter Goalby - lead vocals;
Mick Box - guitars, vocals;
John Sinclair - keyboards, vocals;
Bob Daisley - bass, vocals;
Lee Kerslake - drums, vocals.


Изготовлено фирмой Эс-Эн-Си Рекордс в России по лицензии фирмы
Castle Communications.

(P) 1982 Bronze Records Ltd.
(C)(P) 1993 SNC Records


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