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"Yes" - Time And A Word (1970, 1991) Отправить на E-mail

     Time And A Word
                        Russian Disc
                        R60 00507-08

 1. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Richie Havens)
 2. Then (Jon Anderson)
 3. Everydays (Stephen Stills)
 4. Sweet Dreams (Jon Anderson & D.Foster)
 5. The Prophet (Jon Anderson / Chris Squire)
 6. Clear Days (Jon Anderson)
 7. Astral Traveller (Jon Anderson)
 8. Time and a Word (Jon Anderson & D.Foster)

John Anderson - vocals;
Chris Squire - bass, vocals;
Peter Banks - guitars, vocals;
Tony Kaye - keyboards;
Bill Bruford - drums.


Архивные записи 1970 г.

(С) МП "Русский диск", 1991


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