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Argirov, Blagovest and Svetoslav - Blagovest and Svetoslav Argirov Отправить на E-mail

     Blagovest and Svetoslav Argirov

                        Made in Bulgaria
                        BTA 11480

 1. Spring Fatigue
 2. Sunset
 3. I Or You
 4. That's You
 5. Keep On Whistling
 6. There's No Time
 7. From Monday On - No Kidding
 8. Stay A Child
 9. Class, Stand Up!
10. Other Man's Guilt
11. To See How I Love You
12. We Need A Dream

IVAN LECHEV: Krammer electric guitar, Ovation 12-string guitar, Yamaha acoustic guitar.
STEFAN PURVANOV: electronic Simons drums and percussions.
IVAN PLATOV: acoustic piano, Fender piano, PPG digital synthesizer, "Roland-Jupiter 4" synthesizer.
IVAN NIKOLOV: electric Fender guitar, acoustic guitar.

Recorded at the studios of Balkanton and the Bulgarian National Radio.


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