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Saint Paul, Lara - A Song, A Love Отправить на E-mail


  Lara Saint Paul
  A Song, A Love

                        Made in Bulgaria
                        BTA 1562

 1. See You Again (Bindi, Calbrese)
 2. Do Lull Me So To Sleep (Mascheroni)
 3. And If Tomorrow (Rossi, Calbrese)
 4. Look, What A Moon (Malgoni)
 5. Don't Forget My Words (Danzi, Bracchi)
 6. As A Symphony (Donaggio)
 7. I Realized I Love You (Tenco)
 8. When, When (Tony Renis, Testa)
 9. There Is The End Of It (Calvi, Calabrese)
10. I Can't Tell (Kramer, Garinei, Giorciolini)
11. More (Ortolani, Oliviero, Ciorciolini)
12. I Would Like This To Be Love (Canfora, Amurri)


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