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Mullins, Rich - Rich Mullins (1986) Отправить на E-mail


  Rich Mullins

                        Reunion Records
                        Made in Canada

 1. A Few Good Men (Richard Mullins)
 2. A Place To Stand (Richard Mullins)
 3. Live Right (Richard Mullins, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Reed Arvin)
 4. New Heart (Richard Mullins, Reed Arvin)
 5. Elijah (Richard Mullins)
 6. Nothing But A Miracle (Richard Mullins)
 7. Both Feet On The Ground (Richard Mullins, Nies Borop)
 8. These Days (Richard Mullins, Pam Mark Hall)
 9. Prisoner (Richard Mullins)
10. Save Me (Richard Mullins)

(P) & (C) 1986 Reunion Records


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