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Mungo Jerry - Mungo Jerry & Ray Dorset Отправить на E-mail


  Mungo Jerry & Ray Dorset

                        Made in Bulgaria
                        BTA 10279

 1. Everything Swing (Elvis Presley)
 2. Lady Rose (Ray Dorset)
 3. The Woman Dressed In Black (Ray Dorset)
 4. A Blues For The San Francisco Bay (Jasse Fuller)
 5. It's A Secret (Ray Dorset)
 6. I Can't Love You (Ray Dorset)
 7. In The Summertime (Ray Dorset)
 8. Stay With Me (Ben Eking)
 9. All Right, All Right (Ray Dorset)
10. She Is My Baby (Sherrif T. Davis)
11. I'll Dance Till I Drop Down (Ray Dorset)
12. I Can't Say Good-Bye (Ray Dorset)

Life Recordings - "The Golden Orpheus 1978" - Slunchev Bryag


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