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Olds, Jerome - No Disguise (1989) Отправить на E-mail


  Jerome Olds
  No Disguise

                        Star Song Records
                        Made in England
                        SSR 8129

 1. Rejoice (Jerome Olds)
 2. Is It Right? (Jerome Olds / Ricky Keller / Tim Holbrook)
 3. His Love Flows (Jerome Olds)
 4. Dying To See Jesus In Me (Jerome Olds / Jimmy Casto)
 5. No Disguise (Jerome Olds / Cheryl Rogers)
 6. Sing Out (Jerome Olds)
 7. God Will Find A Way (Jerome Olds)
 8. Bethlehem (Jerome Olds / Ricky Keller / Soloman Olds)
 9. "The Barn" Video Sequence (Jerome Olds)
10. Keeper Of The Fire (Jerome Olds)

(C) 1989


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