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Steinberg-Lewis, Diane - I Am The Home Of Love (1987) Отправить на E-mail


  Diane Steinberg-Lewis
  I Am The Home Of Love

                        Rejoice Records
                        Made in USA

 1. I Am (Martha Jean Steinberg / Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
 2. The Lord's Prayer (Thine Is Kingdom, Power And Glory) (Diane Steinberg-Lewis )
 3. 23 Psalm (I Shall Not Want) (Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
 4. Kyrie Eleison (A Prophecy For Peace) (Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
 5. Good News (Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
 6. Holy Spirit Refined (Song For The Divine Lady) (Martha Jean Steinberg / Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
 7. Jesus Christ My Friend (Jesus Christ My Lord, "The Queen's" Song) (Martha Jean Steinberg)
 8. God Is Good To Me (Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
 9. 23 Psalm (I Shall Not Want) (Choir Version) (Diane Steinberg-Lewis)
10. Because He Lives (William J.Gaither / Gloria Gaither)

(P) 1987 Word, Incorporated


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