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Debray, Alain - Avant Premiere (1974)   E-mail

Alain Debray and His Orchestra
Avant Premiere

RCA Records
Made in USA
CPL 1-07 54

1. Mame (From the Motion Picture "Mame") (Herman)
2. The Way We Were (From the Columbia Motion Picture, Rastar Production, "The Way We Were") (Hamlisch - A. & M.Bergman)
3. Live and Let Die (From the United Artists Motion Picture "Live and Let Die") (P. & L.McCartney)
4. The Morning After (Song from "The Poseidon Adventure") (Kasha - Hirschhorn)
5. Last Tango in Paris (From the United Aitists Motion Picture "Last Tango in Paris") (Barbieri)
6. The Entertainer (Music from the Motion Picture "The Sting") (Joplin)
7. Tubular Bells (Theme from the Motion Picture "The Exorcist") (Oldfield)
8. Free As the Wind (Theme from the Motion Picture "Papillon") (Plante)
9. A Touch of Class (From the Motion Picture "A Touch of Class") (Barrie - Cahn)
10. Nice to Be Around (Theme from the Motion Picture "Cinderella Liberty") (J.Williams - P.Williams)
11. Theme from "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (From the Paramount Motion Picture "Jonathan Livingston Seagull") (Diamond)
12. Beyond Tomorrow (Theme from the Paramount Motion Picture "Serpico") (Theodorakis)

(P) 1974 RCA Records


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